Ananya Calls off Her Marriage with Anjaneyan!

Ananya has called off her marriage with her fiancé announcing that she would never get married to Anjaneyan with whom she got engaged in February.

    Ananya was engaged to Anjaneyan, a Trissur based businessman in February this year. After the engagement the parents of the actress lodged a complaint in the police station that the groom had cheated them hiding the fact that he was already married. But, Ananya made her father withdraw the complaint saying that she knew everything about Anjaneyan and she would go ahead with her decision of marrying him.
 But, coming to a sudden decision the actress has announced that she would never get married Anjaneyan and she would now concentrate in films again.
 It was learnt that Anjaneyan was a divorcee and had wooed Ananya for getting married with him. He followed her wherever she went for shoot and convinced her to get married with him. And, the actress also fell into the emotional trap of the businessman and went ahead with the marriage plans.


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