Andrea’s perfect Easter

Afew days ago, we told Andrea that we wanted to do a special photoshoot with her for Easter. Without batting an eyelid, she readily agreed for it. After finalizing the finer details, including costumes and the concept, we met on a hot summer afternoon in the cool settings of the hotel.

While getting her hair and makeup done, Andrea told us how she was doubly excited as Easter happens to be one of her favourite festivals. “Let’s not shoot with the Easter goodies. It’s the routine anyway. Why don’t I play with the rabbit instead?” was her first question when she spotted four fluffy rabbits nibbling at the greens on the location!

That was probably the last conversation she had with us, and what followed was Andrea befriending the cute and adorable bunny. Both Andrea and the rabbit got comfortable with each other, and within minutes, she started playing with the rabbit.

Every time she’d let the animal down to adjust her hair, it would quickly start nibbling at the goodies on the table. “I had a pet rabbit when I was very young. Now, I’ve moved into an apartment, which is not rabbit-conducive,” she tells us as she was busy trying to locate the furry bunny that had found its way into her long curls.

It was after a lot of persuasion that Andrea finally took her seat next to the Easter spread. “There are no specific Easter recipes that I like. But I do have several memories relating to the occasion. One of them is of going to the church at midnight with my grandparents when I was a little girl,” she recalls, “One of my most favourite things about Easter is the chocolate Easter egg and the Easter bunny.”
Ask her what plans she has for the day, and she laughs, “My sister is leaving abroad soon. So, I’ll be heading out for lunch today with all my cousins. This may come as a great shock to many, but when I’m not working, I’m at home most of the time! I’m not the party animal that people make me out to be.”

After almost an hour of posing with the rabbit, the actress reluctantly parted with it, having half the mind to take the animal along with her. “I’m glad I had a real rabbit to pose with, and not had to make do with the stuffed bunnies,” was her parting shot.


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