Anirudh Ravichander is the shining star of music

It is rare that one sees a success so great, a song so touching and music so simple, yet refreshing as is the song Kolaveri. The product of a young and buoyant composer, the song has sweeped across the globe to break all records.

Shining in the sky this month is none other than 21-year-old music composer, Anirudh Ravichander, whose debut song went viral on YouTube and tracked more than 50 million views much before the film 3 was released.

Looks like Anirudh always loved music and composing music is his passion. His dream was to make music his career and become a musician. In his school days, Anirudh had entered a TV show that was judged by A R Rahman. Anirudh was in the fusion band that won the competition. Anirudh’s biggest moment was when he was awarded the Best Instrumentalist, a prize he received from his idol, the great Rahman himself. Till date, he says that it was the best moment of his life. That day a star was born, and the name was Anirudh.

The young man set forth on the path of music, beginning his journey towards transforming his dream into reality. He learnt classical piano from Trinity College of Music, London and completed done eight grades of piano training. He learnt Carnatic music too and participated in the Carnatic fusion band. He composed songs for short films for his cousin Aishwarya Rajinikanth and it was no surprise when she asked him to compose music for her first film 3. Aishwarya would have been really impressed, seen his budding talent and nominated him for her debut film as a director.

And Anirudh has not let her down! The popularity of the song Kolaveri speaks for itself and its single-track success justifies Anirudh’s talent. In the film 3, Dhanush has written the lyrics for six songs. But Kolaveri song was born in just 10 minutes. Reports say that composing the lyrics and music for Kolaveri was effortless and casual. Dhanush filled in the words and Anirudh showcased his music genius. Together they produced a whopping number that received salutes from legends like Amitabh Bachchan too.

Though 3 has not crashed box office records as it was expected to, the Kolaveri song is still on everyone’s lips, especially among the love-struck population. It’s not only Kolaveri, all the songs in 3 have become a superhit, especially, the songs Po nee Po, Kann Azhaga, Idhazhin Oram are being aired continuously on all satellite channels and FMs.

The movie has excellent background score by Anirudh carrying the feel of the movie throughout. Anirudh says that he follows an emotion-centric style and concentrates on composing emotions in his music. Sitting around and composing tunes is something he cannot do. On the contrary, he believes that certain songs just happen. He likes to dole out simple, soulful numbers that touch the heart.

Anirudh dreams to work with Black Eyed Peas music band one day. Right now Anirudh’s second album is Dhanush’s Sachin Anthem. Recently released on Youtube, the album was sponsored by Boost, the energy drink company that Sachin has been advertising for years. Written in the same style as Kolaveri, the song is a mixture of English and Tamil. This one too is written and sung by Dhanush and is said to have received more than 19 lakh views till date.

Son of Ravi Raghavendra and Lakshmi, Anirudh is the nephew of Lata and Rajinikanth. A product of PSBB school, Anirudh graduated from Loyola College 2011. A proper Chennaite who lives in the hearts of all music lovers, Anirudh has etched his path out and all set to make a great name in the field of music.

We are waiting for more Kollaveris soon, Anirudh! Best of Luck!!!!


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