Baasha to hit Bollywood screens soon

Baasha, the 1995 cult classic thriller starring Superstar Rajinikath which took the actor's career to a different level, is being given an image makeover for its Bollywood release.

The movie is being dubbed in Hindi with the title Baashha and released in a new digitalised format. A landmark film for director Suresh Krishnaa, it featured Rajinikanth in two dimensions of a docile auto driver and an underworld don Baasha, with Nagma playing his love interest.

It created a huge impact in state politics as well then. The punch lines and stylish mannerisms of Rajini was one of the highpoints of the movie.

Songs by Deva were huge hits and for the new version the composer has recorded the music once again using the latest technology. While Aadarsh Gautham , a TV artiste from Mumbai whose voice is similar to that of Rajini's has been roped in for the dubbing.

Sushma, a stage personality will be dubbing for Nagma. Ace writer Gopal Ram pens the dialogues in Hindi. The movie is getting released in 1,000 screens across the globe during the month end, which is as big a release as that of a straight Tamil film of Rajinikanth.

Speaking to DC, producer Prasad says, "It is a highly commercial venture and though it is made 17 years ago, the story is such that it can go well with any type of audience even now."


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