Cheran plans a film adaptation of ‘Neon Nagaram’

Director/actor Cheran is planning a film on music plagiarism, an issue that seriously affects the film industry. The buzz is he may be adapting the musical novel ‘Neon Nagaram’ made by the talented Paadhai team, a Chennai-based band, into a full-length feature film.

‘Neon Nagaram’ is the Paadhai team’s second musical novel and it was launched at Sathyam Cinemas on July 10,2011 by Cheran and actor Prasanna. The team’s first edition titled ‘Ranam Sugam’ became a huge hit on You Tube. ‘Neon Nagaran’ with 17 music tracks covering diverse genres of music has been authored by one of the members of Paadhai, Shammer and composed by Shiva. The team was also planning an English version of the novel.

Shammer and Shiva conceived ‘Neon Nagaram’ after hearing the story of a sound engineer who became a victim of plagiarism.

It is Cheran’s dream of making a film based on ‘Neon Nagaram’ and he made his desire known at the launch of the musical novel last year. When Shammer and his team had met Cheran to invite him for the event, they had told him that one of his film’s songs was a ‘lift’and Cheran had shrugged his shoulders and blamed it on market compulsions. Cheran told Shammer that the issue should be addressed in all seriousness and ‘Neon Nagaram’ had to be made into a film.

Shammer is overjoyed that Cheran will involve him and his team in the script writing process. The film will hopefully hit the floors in two to three months, according to Shammer. He along with Shiva will score the music. The cast will be finalized after the script is ready.


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