Cinema is like Cement: Jayam Ravi

Actors are not only in demand for endorsements but also for store inaugurations and product launches.
Jeyam Ravi was spotted at a city function on Sunday evening, along with his Peranmai co -star Dhansikaa.
The event was the launch of Bhavya Cements by the two actors, in the presence of T Siva, Gnanavel Raja and J Ramanjaneyulu and CV Rao of Ambika Trading.

Speaking at the launch, Jeyam Ravi showed his spontaneous and witty side and surprised everyone with his comparision between cement and cinema, saying, "Cinema too is just like cement. It's common knowledge that to work well, cement needs to have the 'right mix' with manal (sand)".

"With cinema too, the key lies in the 'right mix'. In films, we could call the story, the cement while the commercial elements would be like the manal. Only if they are mixed properly can we have a good film! But we all know, that nowadays, people are mixing more manal than cement everywhere, and in cinema too, when the same happens, then the film gets diluted !" said Ravi


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