Downloaded 3? You may be punished!

This may be a first of its kind as the Kolaveri star Dhanush’s film 3 is all set to take on online piracy. Harish from Copyright Labs, which is working to curb the online piracy of the film, is all set to move to the Madras High Court today to send a legal notice to all the offenders.

“We had previously sent out warnings against downloading to the ISP addresses and individual offenders. While we have been 90 per cent effective, there are still some who defied these warnings. Since these warnings were based on the orders that we had obtained from the Madras High Court, we are now going to register contempt of court cases and send orders to all of them,” he says.

The idea behind this is to ensure that these offenders get the idea that piracy is not right, Harish informs us. “While we can provide the technological support to films that sign up with us, the rest of it is left to the law. With this example, where we work in tandem with the court, we want to show that it isn’t easy for pirates to survive.” Let’s wait and see if it will curb piracy.


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