I need to keep doing good work: Shriya Saran

Sexy, glamourous, hot are some of the things that you conjure up in your mind when you think of Shriya Saran.

"There is this weird, glamorous sexy image I'm attached to but that's not me", she frowns. "That's the way I'm projected by my directors but I am dying to do an offbeat, action, sci-fi or a village girl role", confesses the actress

Speaking to us, Shriya continues: "I hope a good role falls into my lap and I'm also looking forward to work with heroes like Ajit and Suriya who I've not worked yet".

She continues on a serious note about the future of her career: "I need to keep doing good work and not get bogged down or give up. I am doing Life is beautiful in Telugu and Deepa Mehta's Midnight’s Children ready for release in 2012".

Let's hope Shriya's career gets a much-needed makeover soon. Are directors listening?


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