I will Never Marry in Life: Sona

The controversial star sexy Sona has declared that she would never marry anyone in her life!

 In a recent interview the actress opened up about her personal life saying, "I don't have belief in marriage and I will never marry anybody in my life. You have to be committed to many things in marriage life. I cannot remain in a bonded relationship and bear children. I don't want it as I want to enjoy my personal freedom in my entire life and for that I will remain single all through."
 The actress has recently shifted to her newly bought house in Chennai. "It's a sprawling bungalow with everything inside it. I have a swimming pool, bar, gym and many other things that I always wanted to have in my dream house," says Sona.
 She was in the sexual assault controversy last year where she had accused S P B Charan of molesting her in a private party. The actress had acted in many films as sex bombshell and also produced films along with his film industry friends.
 Recently, she had accused producer T Siva of cheating her in releasing her film 'Kanimozhi' in Telugu and the matter is still in problems that is yet to be settled but the actress never minds about these controversies and problems as she has her own way of living the life the fullest!


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