Kamal became of the Icon on the sea waters

Last week went into the news of shocking tremors and earthquakes around Indonesia. People of the country were left in the lurch of Tsunami repeat.
But for Ulaganayagan Kamal the experience in the were different. Coinciding the incident of earthquake, Kamal was attending to a bash served to him in a US ship.

He was on the decks of the US Atomic ship USS Carlwins which landed for a demonstration on the joint efforts of India and the US. The ship was on the Chennai shores for this purpose and Kamal was one of the select dignitaries for the bash. Thus he got the distinction of being the first Indian actor to be accorded with this honor. After the event only, Kamal came to know the Tsunami alerts and aberrations of another tremor.

Later Kamal said the visit to the ship made him proud to be an Indian and he shared many techno savvy elements on the ship deck. He added that his experience may enable him to utilize for his up coming projects. This is what makes Kamal different and unique from other artists, that he is a learner all through his life.


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