Karunas attempts unintentional comedy!

After tasting success as the protagonist in films including Dindigul Sarathy and Ambasamuthiram Ambani, Karunas has turned hero again for Mano’s Ragalaipuram.

Talking about the film, he says, “It’s an out-and-out comedy, and Karunas plays a police officer in it. He doesn’t like playing the cop, but has to because his mother and sister wants him to be one. How he handles his job has been narrated funnily in the film.”

He adds, “Karunas’ character is like that of Mr Bean’s – what he does has extremely different implications. He is that kind of a cop who will declare that the police station is closed when a riot erupts in the city. There are several unintentional comedies in the film.”

Kovai Sarala also plays an important role in the film. “After Magalirkaga, this is probably the next film in which Kovai Sarala plays a cop again. I can guarantee that the audience will be laughing out aloud when they see this film.”


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