‘Kazhugoo’ Director Sathya Siva’s next film ‘Andhi Mazhai Megam’

'Kazhugoo' was a big success for debutante Sathya. The director has started preparing for his next. And, the title is 'Andhi Mazhai Megam'!

"'Kazhugoo' got a good response. I have a responsibility to bring out a better film. I took lot of time to get my script ready for

my next. Script is completed and the title of the film is 'Andhi Mazhai Megam'," says Sathya.

The film is produced by veteran film maker Muktha Srinivasan. The film tells the story of construction workers who are involved in building a 40-storeyed building. "To get authenticity in the script I met lot of construction workers and learnt many things from their lives. Unlike 'Kazhugoo' the film will be having a different backdrop," adds the director.

The director is yet to decide on the cast and crew. He has approached few top heroes of Tamil cinema to do the protagonist role and a popular heroine for the female lead. The film will be starting its shoot in Rameswaram in June.


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