‘Kolaveri’ Song of Film ‘3’ in Trouble

The recently released film '3' is getting rave reviews and it is also shown a moderate success with its box-office collections. While the film is being welcomed by everyone there is a condemnation for the song 'Kolaveri' from Kerala that has put the film in trouble now.

One Madaswamy, a postal employee from Idukki, Kerala has filed a case against the song 'Kolaveri' contending that the song influences the young minds badly with its objectionable words in the lyrics.
He has put that the lyrics may cause violent thoughts and aggressive moves by the young minds who happen to listen to or view in the film. He has also added that young boys in schools and colleges are teasing girls in Kerala with this very song as it has very immodest words that provoke the girls.

The petitioner has also questioned the censor board that how they certified this film with such type of song. The court is yet to hear the case.


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