‘Masala Café’ has Anjali and Oviya in Sexy Clothes [Pics]

Actresses Anjali and Oviya go generous in their upcoming film 'Masala Café' with all those revealing clothes.

    It looks like the both these young actresses are competing each other who is the best in showing their skin in their roles in the film that is directed by actor-director Sundar C.

    Sources close in the film unit accepts the fact that both these girls have set out to reveal their bodies with sexy outfits in the film. "It is a big sexy feat for the fans with both actresses decided to do with their daring outfits," says one of the insiders in the unit.

    'Masala Café' has Shiva, Vimal, Anjali, Oviya and Santhanam in the lead roles. Shiva pairs with Oviya and Vimal with Anjali. The film is produced by Kushboo's Avni Cinemax in association with UTV Motion Pictures. Story, Screenplay, dialogue and direction is taken care of by Sundar C.

    This film is Sundar C's 25th directorial venture. The film is soon to be completed and expected to hit screens in May.


  1. Oviya semma mood ethura Anjali also. Oviya boobs bigger than Anjali . Very nice in pavadai like two big watermelon. Want to rip her clothes off and suck her boobs.mmmmm

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