Music couple wedding in January 2013

The romantic tune set by GV Prakash captured the minds of singer Saindhavi and they are on the way for celestial knot. In a short span of more than five years, GVP climbed the top position with his hard work and innovation. Though he has got a hereditary influence from his uncle AR Rahman,

never had the shadow of the Oscar winner. With all round demand from prominent languages of Indian cinema, GVP has earned reputation for his mellifluous musical notes.

In fact, he started the career as young as Yuvan did in his debut. As of now, GVP is one of the most sought after musicians of the industry. This musical specter is getting married to the female playback singer Saindhavi in coming January, it is learnt. As there is no hidden or open rebuke for the marriage, both family are in a hurry to fix a date in January 2013. GVP said he only suggested the date for January since he is preoccupied with his existing films.

Hence the couple is ready for their bells in January. In the meantime, GVP mentioned that he has not thought of marriage as of now since slow pace would mean a lot. He could not commit on the status of Saindhavi's career in the industry. There are lot of such music couples in the industry and GVP-Saindhavi may join them.


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