Police Complaint Against Vijay’s Father S A Chandrasekhar

The self-proclaimed new office-bearers of Producers' Council (TFPC) have filed a complaint against S A Chandrasekhar with the Chennai City Police.

  The 'new' President of the council Ibrahim Rowther and other top office-bearers, in their complaint, have alleged that S A Chandrasekar, reacting to his removal from the post of council's President post, had planned to attack the new office bearers of the council by hiring goons. "SAC has planned a murderous assault on the newly formed ad hoc committee members by hiring goons," said Ibrahim Rowther, when contacted.
The City Police is conducting enquiries with the council members based on the complaint.
Meanwhile, SAC has also approached the court challenging his suspension from the council's post of President.

He said, "No individual has got any right to remove or suspend the President of the council. He has to be first served with a notice and only the council members can decide the matter. The suspension is an insult to all the members of the council."


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