Sameera Reddy, the Highest paid Actress?

Sameera Reddy, the raising south star, has become the highest paid actress in Sandalwood, the Kannada film industry.

   Yes, reports confirmed this fact with sources close to the actress that she was paid a whopping sum for signing an upcoming Kannada film.

The star received a pay cheque of Rs. 35 Lakhs for her last film 'Vettai' from the production house of director Linguswamy, who also directed the film apart from producing it. This was the highest amount that the actress had received till then.

With this, it is believed that the actress has been paid more than what she got for 'Vettai'. When quizzed about the actress' payment producer Shankar Gowda, who has signed Ms. Reddy for his film 'Varadhanayaka', said, "Yes, the actress has been paid a huge some that is the highest payment that she had received ever and the highest payment paid to an actress for a Kannada film." But, the producer did not disclose the exact amount.

Till now, Nayanthara's was the highest with Rs. 50 Lakhs paid for the film 'Super'. Divya Spandana is paid Rs. 40 Lakhs and Priya Mani is paid Rs. 30 Lakhs.


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