Simbhu to Make ‘Manmadhan 2’?

Simbhu is working on a new script for a film that he is planning to direct in near future. Sources close to him say that Simbhu is actually writing the script for the sequel of his 2004 blockbuster 'Manmadhan'!

The multifaceted star is currently acting in 'Vettai Mannan' and 'Poda Podi' and also starting his 'Vada Chennai' with director 'Vetrimaaran'. The actor is also signing a film with Nic Arts Chakravarthy to do a film titled 'Vaalu' that is directed by new comer Vijay.

Meanwhile, the star is also working on a script that tells a story that is close to his 'Manmadhan', and this has raised speculation that he was preparing for 'Manmadhan' sequel!


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