Suriya's Maatraan shooting in Jodhpur heat

​Suriya is a complete professional. He will go to any extent to get his shot right down to the last detail. The actor believes rain or shine, the show must go on!

The star is now in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, better known as the Sun City. Jodhpur Climate is of an extreme type, with the variations in temperature range being very high. In summer, the maximum temperature is around 43 degrees and the minimum temperature is around 38 degrees

Suriya is now shooting a song for KV Anand directed Matraan in the dry heat of Jhodpur as the summer sets in the desert town.

Despite the sizzling heat rising up to 41degrees in a state which is scorching during summer, the crew of around 500dancers along with Suriya is going about with the picturisation.

The song composed by Harris Jayaraj is said to be a fast paced melody. One thing is sure that Suriya- Anand combination along with Harris after Ayan is sure going to rock with Matraan.


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