Ultimate Star goes ultra modern

Many heroes of Kollywood have their own life style for profession. They lead a well organized system for their career.
Usually they engage themselves available in their exclusive office premises. There they are expected to discuss with their colleagues and peers. For Ultimate Star Ajith he has a set of values and moralities for life.

He is a man of disciplined yet distinctive pattern. Ajith finds himself aloof from the madding crowd. This is why he rarely attends any functions or programs involving film artists. Even for film making he is a model for himself being a dedicated artist without any controversy. Such a hero has now designed his office in ultramodern facilities. The office in Abiramapuram is well furnished with latest technologies of space occupation.

It is said to have a remote flight, gym, billiards court and refreshment lounge. More significant is that Ajith restricted entry into this premises for only few of his friends.


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