Vadivelu is all set to act

Talks of a sequel to Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi are on even as director Simbudevan is working on the script.

Produced on a budget of Rs 4 crore, the film was a commercial success making Rs 16 crore at the box office. The story set in the 18th century and was made to suit present day politics.

Vadivelu, who played the lead in the first film, will play the lead again. His performance won critical acclaim and he single-handedly lifted the film.

"Simbudevan narrated the whole script to me," said Vadivelu. "It was amazing and he has included more fun in the sequel. Talks are still on and nothing has been confirmed yet about the shoot."

On his upcoming projects, he said he was hearing a few scripts and not worried about having taken a break.

"I know I have taken a break. But I am not worried that I am not doing lots of films."

"I have been busy all these years. I was not able to spend any quality time with my family. Now, I utilise my time to be with my family.

I thank God for this valuable opportunity," says the actor who has been keeping a low-profile since his campaigning got him into some hot water during the last May elections.


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