‘Vana Yuddham’ Stay Cleared!

Director AMR Ramesh's film 'Vana Yuddham' that portrays the story of forest brigand Veerappan is now cleared from the stay that was imposed on the film by a City Civil Court.

Tamil magazine editor 'Nakkeeran' R Gopal had filed a petition in the court that the film had a character of his and the makers of the film could have tarnished his film by a wrong portrayal of him in the matinee idol Rajkumar kidnap episode. Hearing the petition the court ordered that the filmmakers should screen the film for Gopal and with his satisfaction only the stay order could be revoked.

Since the movie has not at all portrayed his character and Gopal has also seen the film and submitted his statement the court has revoked the stay and the film is ready for release now.

"Nakkeeran accused us saying that how could we make a Veerappan film without including his character. Cinema is a creative medium it is the maker's prerogative what to include in the film. I may or may not include his character that he cannot question me," says director A M R Ramesh replying for Gopal's accusation that the film was made without his character.

'Vana Yuddham' has Kishore doing the Veerappan character and Vijayalakshmi playing his wife. Arjun is playing the STF chief.


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