Veerappan Film ‘Vanayudham’ Release Stayed till April 17!

A city civil court has stayed the release of 'Vanayudham', an upcoming Tamil film that is made based on the story of forest brigand Veerappan.

  Ordering on the petition filed by Nakkeeran editor Gopal, Justice Ganesamoorthy stayed the release of the film till April 17 and ordered that the film should be shown to Gopal and only after he is convinced that his character was not badly portrayed the film could be released after April 17th!
 Editor Gopal had filed a petition in the court stating that through the trailer of the film he came to know that the film has some scenes telling the story of the veteran Kannada actor Rajkumar kidnap episode and he was quite convinced that there would be a character depicting him as a mediator in the kidnap drama.

As he inferred that his character could have been portrayed in a distorted or in a way that is far away from the real fact he wanted to view the film before release. He contended that this bad portrayal could spoil his reputation in the society.

'Vanayudham' has Kishore playing the slain sandalwood smuggler and Arjun playing the police officer appointed the head of the Special Task Force that was killed the brigand Veerappan. Vijayalakshmi plays the female lead.

A M R Ramesh has written and directed the film. 'Vanayudham' is also being released in Kannada as 'Attakasham'!


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