Happy Birthday Thala! Ajith turns 41 today

It is a big day for 'Thala' fans. Yes, it is Ajith Kumar's birthday today. The bike racer-turned-model-turned-actor, and now the undisputable hero of big opening in Tamil cinema, is turning 41 today!

Born in Secunderabad to a Palakkad Iyer father and Sindhi mother.

Ajith dropped himself out from School at the later stage of his secondary education and took up a job of a two-wheeler auto mechanic. The young mechanic then ventured into print and video ad modeling for some time.

It was in 1992, the film industry opened its gates to Ajith with his Telugu film 'Prema Pustagam'! While acting in this film, Tamil director Selva offered Ajith the lead role in his second film 'Amaravathi' marking the debut of actor in Tamil films.

Ajith did not speak the language Tamil till he started acting in 'Amaravathi', and the voice for him in the film was lent by actor Vikram, another upcoming actor that time. The debut film paved way for a series of romantic films in Tamil and 'Aasai', directed by Vasanth and produced by Mani Ratnam, took the actor to stardom!

This followed another set of films that showed Ajith in method acting and director Agathiyan's 'Kadhal Kottai' was a super hit that made Ajith an actor to be reckoned with. Director S J Suryah's psychological thriller 'Vaali' became a blockbuster for Ajith that catapulted him to the league of top young heroes of Tamil cinema. 'Amarkalam', 'Mugavaree' and 'Kandukonden Kandukonden' that followed 'Vaali' earned the actor a name as a performing star.

Director A R Murugadoss' 'Dhina', 'Red', 'Villani' and 'Varalaru' showed the action hero in Ajith Kumar and this metamorphosis of a young romantic boy to a method actor to an action hero was not a walk on rose petals for this determined, hardworking star. He had to tread the path of harsh thorns to reach this spot.

The 2007 blockbuster movie 'Billa' brought a twist in the career of Ajith. The film made the star a 'big opener' at the 'box-office' cinema! 'Mankatha', the 2011 blockbuster, put the actor above all stars, only next to Rajini and Kamal, in terms of fan following and big opening at cinema halls.

And, the star has now reached the top spot in his career with the upcoming film 'Billa 2' being the most anticipated movie of the year.

Besides his movie career, Ajith's first passion, motor racing, occupied his heart and soul in the beginning and the middle of his movie career. The racer in him brought him both accolades and setbacks, in terms of popularity and physical ailments. In 90s Ajith suffered serious injuries in a racing accident and underwent 3 major surgeries and was put to bed rest for more than one and half years.

Ajith had to say good bye to racing, at least temporarily, for the good health of his and the welfare of the family and also to put his down-falling career back on track. This was a good decision that was appreciated by everyone including his family, friends and fans.

At this point of time the star dropped the title 'Ultimate Star', that was given him and asked his fans and industry not to use it anymore.

The relationship between Ajith Kumar and his fans are one of the widely covered topics in the media. The fans liked him for his honesty, hard work and humbleness and started calling him 'Thala'!

But, a blow came to 'Thala' fans when the actor announced the dissolution of his fan club. However, apprehensions among the fans lived only for a short period as the fans started understanding the real intention of the star and this made the fans loving the star more than ever and for them Ajith became a demi-god, like what Rajinikanth is for his fans!

Apart from this, Ajith career was also marred with other controversies like the brief love relationship with his 'Kadhal Kottai' costar Heera, his straight forward interviews and speeches, his honest approach to the hypocritical film industry and his marriage with Shalini and many more!

The media also created a cloud of cold war between Ajith and his rival Vijay, another popular action-hero of Tamil cinema. But, the actors maintained a cordial off-screen relationship, though their fans could not maintain the same.

Ajith is loved by everyone in the film industry. Even his enemies, if at all existing, would praise his honesty and straight forwardness. He is not only just a gentleman actor he is also a good human being who cares for his fans and silently does lot and lots for the society!

Ajith is blessed with a wonderful wife, yesteryear actress Shalini, and a beautiful daughter, Anoushka!

Ajith's Biryani is one thing that is highly popular in the industry. The actor used to cook and serve his special Biryani to the unit members of his last two films 'Mankatha' and 'Billa 2' was highly talked by his co-workers and widely reported in the media.

His upcoming film 'Billa 2', the prequel of his 2007 hit 'Billa' , is releasing soon.

He is 41 now. And, it is been 20 years in film industry. And for this honest, humble, determined, hardworking and humane actor it is been a long journey that has been full of ups and downs, but the human being in Ajith kumar always remained the same!

That is 'Thala' Ajith Kumar!

KollyInsider.com wishes this marvelous actor and a wonderful human being a very happy birthday! Let many more successes embrace, and all good health and lots of good things be blessed on him!


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