Prabhu Deva reveals moving to Mumbai! [Interview]

Actor-director Prabhu Deva reveals his plans of moving to Mumbai; also talks about focusing completely on Bollywood.
Prabhu Deva shifting base to Mumbai?
Prabhu Deva is in the middle of shooting an intense scene for Remo D'Souza's dance-based film 'ABCD', as we catch up with the actor-director for a quick chat.

The film, is one of the few, that he's doing as an actor. "I will continue to be an actor, but my priority is definitely direction. It's what I'd always wanted to do," says Prabhu, who'd made his directorial debut in Bollywood three years ago with 'Wanted'. Now back with 'Rowdy Rathore', the Chennai-based actor-director says he's here to stay, literally...

Q. What kept you away from Bollywood for so long after 'Wanted'?
I was not away from films, just busy working in South. But now, I'm planning to do more films here for sure. I'm even planning to shift base to Mumbai as my focus is completely Bollywood.

Q. Don't you want to act in your films?
Being a director is very challenging and I only want to concentrate on directing. So yes, I am doing a small cameo in 'Rowdy Rathore', but that's it. There's too much pressure already (smiles).

Q. Pressure? Because of expectations after 'Wanted'?
The pressure is always there for a director. It may look like there's more of it after 'Wanted', but for me each film is like a new one, so the pressure doesn't come from previous work. I am extremely tensed and excited both.

Q. Now that direction has taken priority over being an actor, don't you miss dancing?
Why will I? Dancing is in my blood. I don't need to be in front of the camera to dance. I'm dancing all the time behind it too (smiles).

Q. You are one of the best dancers in the industry...
I don't think I'm the best. There are so many better dancers than me, it amazes me to see their talent. Why only actors, there're so many dancers you see around you too, on TV shows, and all.

Q. Is there any actor in Bollywood, you would want to dance with or make them dance?
What can I say? The list is a very, very long one.

Q. Did you ever feel that dancing overshadowed you as an actor?
To a great extent, yes, people failed to see me beyond my dancing and it pinched me. But instead of feeling sorry about it, I prefer to be happy about what I did get, so much love and recognition for my dance. And now with direction I have found another creative outlet.

Q. You have roped in Kareena Kapoor and South star Vijay to do cameos in 'Rowdy Rathore'?
Yes, they both will be seen making a special appearance with Akshay (Kumar) and Sonakshi (Sinha), although separately.

Q. You have come to be associated with hardcore commercial potboilers...
Yes, because I as an audience enjoy watching these kind of full-on entertainment films. I am not here to show off my talent. I am here to make entertaining films. Sure, I would want to make some serious films too, but with big budget films there's too much money at stake. So maybe I will try a serious film with a smaller budget. I want to make a horror film too.

Q. Any plans of turning producer?
Not anytime soon.


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