Anushka jumped off the running train
Gnanavel Raja is producing a film titled Alex Pandian under the banner Studio Green. Karthi, Anushka. Sanusha, Santhanam and others are acting in this film. Sooraj is directing this film.

Devi Sriprasad is composing music for Alex Pandian. Recently the shooting of this film took place in Mysore. It is understood that a fighting sequence using train and helicopter was shot there.
While shooting these sequences, it seems that Anushka has jumped out of a running train. When asked director Sooraj about this, he said, "We shot a sequence where the villain chases Karthi and Anushka with a helicopter who are in the moving train. Anushka and Karthi took the risk and ran on top of the train.

In one sequence both of them were supposed to jump down from the train. Anushka said that she will jump from the train without using a dupe. So we asked the driver to slow down the train. Both of them jumped. This chasing sequence was shot for 15 days at a cost of Rs 1 ½ Crores. This scene will be the highlight of this film."


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