David Billa’s babes Jasmine and Sameera

Two hot models are all set to enter K-Town. Billa II’s leading ladies ex-Miss India World Parvathy Omanakuttan and Bruna Abdullah say that they are their roles in this much-anticipated film will prove that models cannot act and break the stereotype.

Talking about her role in the film, Parvathy says, “I play Jasmine who’s the emotional quotient in David Billa’s life. I instantly fell in love with the character when I heard it as she was such a pivotal part to Billa’s own character growth. It was a dream for me as I’d watched all the versions of Billa and Don and never expected to be part of the franchise.”

For Bruna, her character was a challenge as much as the language. “I play Sameera, a woman of today’s times, who wants power and is driven by money. She’s strong and she’s a little bit mean. Like Hindi, this was a completely new language for me. And the challenge was greater as I had never heard Tamil before. While it was initially difficult, I think I’ve managed to do justice eventually,” she says.

Both the girls hold Thala Ajith in high regard. While Parvathy says Ajith taught her how to calm down with his pep talks during her initial days of shoot, Bruna says that apart from Thala’s guidance, she was awed by his professionalism that inspired her.

With the film set to release soon, both the leading ladies are waiting in anticipation to see how the audience will react to them on-screen. But one thing is for sure – where Thala Ajith is there’s bound to be excitement and action and with these two actresses on board the movie just got hotter!


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