Jeeva injured, Mugamoodi shoot stopped!
Jeeva’s next movie after NEP is Mugamoodi. The shooting of Mugamoodi was on progress. Director Miskin force to release Mugamoodi soon. Actor Narain was leading as a Villain role in this movie.

Director Miskin planned to take the fight scenes related to Hollywood stunts. So, he called Hank kong stunt master to prepare the artists. Also, director asks to stunt master that the fight scenes should be natural and reality to see.

By this, yesterday a fight scene with Narain gang was shooted in one school. In that fight scene one of the stunt masters forcely kicked on Jeeva’s neck. After this incident he shouted a lot and gets unconscious with pain and he admitted in one private hospital for treatment. Doctor says that he should take rest for next 2 weeks.

The shooting of Mugamoodi was stopped currently. After Jeeva discharged from the hospital, the shooting will again starts said by Director.


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