Kannan’s Anagram on noise pollution

At a time when the entire world is going green and environment-friendly, here is a K'town filmmaker making a film on noise pollution.

Kannan, who is busy with Settai (the remake of Delhi Belly) with Arya and Hansika, is simultaneously working on his pet project titled Anagram, which highlights the issue of sound pollution — especially in metros and other big towns. "It is an important issue, which has not been dealt with by any filmmaker so far.

There's hardly any awareness about the excessive environmental noise that affects the balance of human as well as animal life.

My personal experiences have initiated me to take up this theme. But it will not be a preachy film, it is going to be a normal commercial film with the message incorporated," Kannan tells KollyInsider. He also asserts that a big star will be the protagonist of the film, though he didn't want to drop any names.

He is confident that Alangaram will take him to the next level in his career. Kannan is in the process of fine-tuning the script. "I have done extensive research on the subject in the last few years," he says.


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