Karthi talks about Saguni [Interview]

Karthi after completing Saguni is busy with Alex Pandian. When asked Karthi that how his film Saguni has come out, he said, "Very superb. It is a good film. One person comes to solve his personal problem.

In this process he gets strangled with public problems. How he comes out of this and solves his problems is the rest of the story. We have narrated this with action and comedy. There will always be politics around us.

Those who do not do politics will get trapped in politics. For every second every one of us gets trapped in politics. This is the base of this film. This film is about me who journeys from a village to city. Radhika, Mumtaz and Kotta Srinivasa Rao are all wonderful actors. It was challenging for me to act with them.

The height of comedy was in Siruthai. I feel that this film will overtake Siruthai. The reason for this is Santhanam. In the epic Mahabharata, wherever Saguni appears, there will be entertainment. He will not spare anyone. This film will also be like this. So far I have never seen such a shooting spot. It was so gala."


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