Saguni - Biggest release for Karthi so far!

Now that Billa 2 release has been postponed, it is advantage Saguni. The film presented by KE Gnanavelraja and his Studio Green gets a solo release.
It is releasing big in Tamil and Telugu in approximately 1000 screens worldwide.

Saguni in Tamil and Sakuni in Telugu will be Karthi's biggest ever release. Thef ilm is currently red hot in the market. All areas in Tamil Nadu have been sold out by Vendhar Movies who are marketing it. The theatres in TN are paying good MG (Minimum Guarantee) for the film.

Meanwhile, Saguni Karnataka and Kerala theatrical rights have been snapped up at the last minute, at record prices. Sakuni in Andhra is being promoted as a straight film by Bellamkonde Suresh, leading producer and distributor which has made it a big release.


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