Shruti talks about 3 with Dhanush and Aiswarya
Like her father Kamal Hassan, she cannot take things lightly nor heavily. For the past two months, more rumors and charges shroud over Shruti Hassan.

She comes out with her explanation then and there but in vain. The media is feeding the empty vessel with more noise and creating fuss.

Recently Shruti made an address to the media in which she made it clear that her mind and thought are pure and clean. Citing the project 3 with Dhanush and Aiswarya, she mentioned that like everyone in the industry she too had to think more on Aiswarya's stature as director. But Aiswarya disproved her doubt the day the movie kicked off, said Shruti. She marked her affinity with this couple at the sets as professional oneness and nothing else.

She said she had no regrets over such a heavy role – a school girl, working woman and a widow. To her personal life, Shruti said she would not hesitate recommending the right person to her father. Right now her focus is on films as much her past life with music. Shruti felt happy over the triumphs of her Tollywood projects now recalling the dismal shows of previous years. Recently her film with Pawan Kalyan, Gabbar Singh made deep inroads in the state and she felt the difference of the time in cinema.


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