Ajith impressed with Naan Ee, to do a film with Rajamouli?

The current hot topic in Kollywood is telephone conversation between Rajamouli and Ajith. Those who were witness to telephone conversation between Rajamouli and Ajith say that ‘Thala’ would mostly bring Rajamouli to Tamil cine field.

Movie ‘Naan Ee’ stars Nani and Samantha and has created a new box office record.  Appreciations are heaping upon the movie’s director Rajamouli for his efforts.  Superstar Rajinikanth lauded the movie and also the movie’s villain Sudeep. 

The whole of Tamil cine field is showering praises upon the movie.  The movie has broken records by Tamil movies so far.

Ajith turns out the latest viewer of the movie ‘Naan Ee’.  After watching the movie, Ajith seems to have showered appreciations upon Rajamouli through phone.  Also, Ajith seems to have conveyed his desire to period thriller.

Ajith’s opinion is that Rajamouli has capability to choose a story that befits Ajith’s role in a movie.  Rajamouli took his turn and appreciated Ajith’s talent and rational approach.  Also, he added that Ajith would set a totally new trend if he stars in the right movie.  Also, Rajamouli is interested in directing a Tamil movie directly.  There is gossip among circles close to Ajith that there is lot of possibility that both Ajith and Rajamouli would join hands.


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