Billa 2 - First Review from a fan in Dubai!
A Review From Dubai :
The reason why ajithkumar accepted to act or to even think of a prequel is evident. It has strong-hitting script.

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Billa 2 - Movie Review

And the film starts with a voice from behind re-visiting an ordinary coastal men's life. Ajith as an ordinary coastal man starting to live his life pretty simple with his region people..He gets introduced to a drug and weapon dealers by his coastal head , he agrees to work for them considering the poor livelihood of his family, as predicted he was being cheated by the dealers and whole kundos captured him and his coastal people and made them to Agathigal for money which they gonna get later !

Thereby, heroeines enter and fall for ajith's pity situation and bad lights he undergo , how ajith learns all the arts from them and transform as an Underworld don who gets control of entire network after the death of Sudhanshu Pandey form a rest of the Story.
You would have known this is a simple story and coming to the performance by lead artists.

Ajith (david) when reforms as don shown with his slick and style appearance and dialogues, but failed to justify the character when being Agathi. He looked unselected for the refugee role no offence meant, he still has not come out of Mankatha hangover. He could have reduced his weight though. And he excels in transforming show and in some places he over acted and emoted in poor sense. Bruna Abdullah & Parvathy appeared too much sexy and too much show off and nothing more for their role. Some scenes should've been deleted for adult content .

Vidhyut as side-villain rocked in looks. But his voice dubbing was not matched.
Music was good in parts. Madhurai Ponnu and Unakule Mirugam were poorly picturised. Other three was good. BGM had no new compositions, Yuvan just re-used the old_billa part 1 themes here.

Cinematography was Awesome. Red Epic worked to some extent but in some places it looked so contrast and dull grey which harms some audience..

There were lots of violence scenes present and some sexually explicit content could have been avoided although it rated Adultery film.

climax was not convincing and they've missed the point what makes Ajith as David Billa and less was said on it. The film is noway near to entertaining mankatha in terms of content and scenes. I did not enjoy the film as i enjoyed Mankatha.

Positives :-
-Ajith's performance as Transforming a Don(david billa)
-2nd half locations

Negatives :-
- Ajith as coastalman(David) was miscast
-1st half was so dragging
- Dialogues given to other non tamil artists except Ajith were pretty rubbish.
-mindless violenc scenes and back sound
-Adultery scenes in some parts were used extreme
-Climax so illogical and not convincing.
-Predictable Scenes towards the end.


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