Hansika - ‘Small Kushboo’, 'Angelina Jolie' [Interview]

There are lots of comments that this girl only knows to laugh but as per the statistics of Kollywood, Hansika is hit hot heroine of Tamil film industry. She is currently acting in Settai, Vettai Mannan and Singam 2.

In a talk with her:

We are calling you ‘Small Kushboo’ but there is news that you are going to America for slim treatment. Is it true?

Very sorry! It is true that I am going to lose weight but I am not going to America. I will become slim if I walk in Anna Nagar. Now I am busy in action and dance. I am also reducing my weight by jogging and doing yoga.

It is understood that Santhanam has given you a pet name as Angelina Jolie?

This news has come to you also. He use to always play pranks with me. He use to make fun of me right from Velayudham days. Since I am looking white, he use to jokingly call me Angelia Jolie. I wanted to make fun of him. So I asked for a Tamil word to make fun of him. They told me ’Arasan’ It seems that the meaning of the word is idiot. So I have started calling him ‘Arasan Santhanam’.

You are the heroine of Surya, Simbhu and Arya at the same time. How are you managing?

It is really very difficult. In Vettai Mannan I have to come as a lady gangster. In Vaalu I am donning the role of a bubbly girl. My role in Singam 2 is still suspense. In Settai I am donning the role of freaky girl. I have to act very boldly. Now I cannot simply laugh and go. I working very hard, I am doing a lot of home work.

Nayanthara and Prabhu Deva have split?

Hello. Why are you asking me this question?

You are a very intelligent person. You continue to act in Tamil films. Why aren’t you learning Tamil?

Now I have a Tamil teacher to learn Tamil. I am trying to speak in Tamil at the shooting spot but people laughing when they hear me speak Tamil. If the director is tensed they take me to him and ask me to speak in Tamil. So I have decided to speak in Tamil after learning Tamil thoroughly.

Will you not tell about your family background?

Sure. My dad, mum, me and my brother. My father and mother are separated. Only I should take care of my mother and brother and because of this I had come to act at a very small age. I should act more and I should take care of them very much.


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