I am a funboy not playboy! - Premji

Some recent pictures of Sona and Premgi have surfaced on Twitter. So what’s brewing? Premgi has always been to known to party but recent pictures show him going a little overboard with actress Sona.
When we asked Premgi about this, he said, “These pictures are old and I am a fun guy. I don’t know why people misunderstand me.”

So is he a playboy? He laughed and said, “No, I am not. All is I do is play – the play station 3!” apparently, people who don’t know him have been spreading tales about him. Ask him about the Pia Bajpai rumour and he clarifies saying that it was a prank they pulled during the Goa shoot and somehow it stuck on.

Premgi has been seen in all of his brother Venkat Prabhu’s films and is even known to compose and sing songs. We wonder why this talented guy seems to be known more for his partying ways than for his films. Ennai kodumai saar idhu!


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