Kausalya becomes Nithyananda's disciple! [Video]

Kausalya becomes Nithyananda's disciple! [Video]
Irrespective of the many controversies surrounding the various self-styled godmen, their functioning and the alleged cases of indulgence in sexual acts by them which are at times brought to light by the media, the number of actresses taking a ‘religious route’ through the help of these ‘unmasked’ godmen continue to rise with each passing day.

Notwithstanding the various controversies godman Nithyananda has been caught in recent times including the (in)famous ‘sex tape’ involving him and actress Ranjitha, actress Kausalya has become the latest from Kollywood to have found solace in the ‘patronage’ of the godman. Once a leading heroine who had starred opposite the likes of Karthick, Murali and Vijay in the nineties, Kausalya has been spotted more in tele-serials nowadays.

Kausalya, it is reported, has been facing the perennial problem of back-pain which couldn’t be cured despite her trying out many doctors. She then heard that Nithi had a ‘magic healing therapy’ to cure this disorder and then had been to Nithi’s ashram in Karnataka, which was the ‘venue’ where the above-said sex-tape was shot reportedly by a former aide of the godman.

Now that the ashram had been closed down by the authorities, Kausalya is said to be moving around to visit Nithi wherever he sets up his camp for the treatment. The treatment process, whether effective or not, has sadly changed Kausalya as one of the ‘disciples’ of the godman which isn’t looked at with enthusiasm by her colleagues and friends within and outside the industry.

Besides Ranjitha and Kausalya, actresses such as Maalavika (Vaalameenukku fame), Yuvarani, Ragasudha and Maalavika (tele-serial actress) are also said to be in the fold!


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