Madurai Collector's surprise inspection on theaters on over-charging

Madurai Collector's surprise inspection on theaters on over-charging
A surprise check was conducted by the District Administration in many cinema halls situated in Madurai city which were reportedly ‘over-charging’ the public.
Accusations have been made for a long time now that many leading cinema halls in the temple town of Madurai are charging more than the prescribed fee from the hapless public.

Based on the various complaints he received in this regard, District Collector Anshul Mishra deputed his sub-collector to go on a ‘fact-finding mission’ and report back to him on the above allegations. 4 teams were formed for the purpose and went around the city, checking the theatres which were in ‘line’ for fleecing the public by over-charging.

Cinema hallsin Nagamalai Pudukkottai, Gnana Olivupuram, Vandiyoor, Vakil New Street, Villapuram, Pudhunatham Road and Thirunagar were the ones which underwent the ‘surprise check’ by the district officials yesterday. As it happened, many theatres which had been charging as ticket fee more than the prescribed amount, were spotted and listed up for penalty.

Four cinema halls were fined Rs.6000 each while two others were fined Rs.2000 each for ‘over-charging’. The Collector’s steps, albeit a belated one, has been highly appreciated by the members of the public and the movie-goers.


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