'Manoj is like my Brother' - Taapsee Pannu [Full Statement]

Even as the print media and all reports are screaming that the recent brawl between actors Manoj Manchu and Mahath was basically because of their ‘love’ for actress Taapsee Pannu, the actress in question has explained that she has ‘nothing to do’ with the clash between the two young actors.

Mahath, who played a significant role in Ajith’s Mankatha last year, was reportedly ‘attacked’ by Manoj and his friends at a late-night party in the city a few days back. The bone of contention between the actors was said to be their ‘affection’ towards Taapsee, which was hardly ‘brotherly’ in nature.

Many actors, actresses and directors were present at the venue when the brawl took place and they intervened and separated the quarrelling actors and their friends. A case has now been filed with the police, following which Taapsee has come out with her version of what happened.

In a signed statement, she has said “There have been various rumours being spread purposely about me. I wasn’t present at the place where the actors clashed and was in Kurnool. It’s not fair to say that the actors clashed for me and right in front of my eyes. I’m part of Mohanbabu’s family and only have a ‘brotherly’ affection towards Manoj.

“I didn’t react earlier when false news was spread about me. Not that Mohanbabu’s family is dragged into the issue, I’m forced to offer explanation. Manoj is like my brother and I don’t have any other relationship with him,” says Taapsee.
Taapsee Pannu Statement
In accordance to the news that’s been spreading dragging me into the whole issue this is my stand on it.

First of all I was in kurnool for my work when the whole incidence took place so I was practically nowhere near the incidence. The allegation on me is totally false. I know mohan babu uncle, lakshmi, vishnu n manoj from the day I have entered the industry n they are a very important reason behind me being where I am today. They have treated n protected me like a family member from day 1 till date n I can never be enough thankful for that.

Mohan babu uncle always treated me like his daughter and I’m a like a small SISTER for lakshmi, manoj and vishnu! So its only cheap of anyone to link me up with manoj and get publicity out of it. They have protected me from people who hav tried to misuse my name. And its so sad n annoying to see someone dragging my name to make it a big issue and get noticed.

I always prefer keeping myself dignified by not blaming or pointing at anyone for anything and its unfair of anyone to drag my name and get publicity out of it. I’m in no relationship with anyone n manoj is like my brother. I kept quiet all the time before this when I was blamed but now its crossing the limits of decency, no one has the right to drag n put me in bad light for their own cheap and selfish reasons. I have nothing to do with mahat. N I jst feel bad bout the incidence that happened and sad that its blown out of proportion. Its my kind and humble request to please let me work peacefully and not drag my name into it. Whoever is taking my name doesn’t have anything to lose but I have a reputation which I have build for myself by working hard and I want that to be respected.

I hope my statement is respected. Its the character of a girl in question and its sad to see someone trying to spoil it for cheap reasons.
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