Mugamoodi audio launch: Vijay's New Car + guest speeches

Mugamoodi audio launch
Mugamoodi is produced by UTV Motion Pictures and directed by Mysskin with Jiiva, Narain, Nasser, Pooja Hegde and others on important roles. K had scored the music for this Super Hero film.

Here are some interesting titbits from the audio launch venue, Sathyam Cinemas:

G Dhananjayan, director Mysskin, Jiiva, Narain, Pooja Hegde, Selvaah, music director K, Madan Karky, cameraman Sathya, KE Gnanavel Raja, Kalaipuli G Sekaran, Kameela Nasser, directors Lingusamy, Venkat Prabhu, Ravi K Chandran, JS Nandhini, Kannan, Kathir, Jayam Raja, Eldred Kumar, and producer RB Choudhury graced the occasion and were seated on the dais.

Vijay was present along with his wife Sangeetha. He made it to the venue in newly-acquired Rolls Royce car.

Director Mysskin had penned the TSAMAC Anthem and sung the song in the film. He also sang this song on-stage which earned a loud round of applause.

With Vijay’s fans making it to the event in large numbers, several others were left seat-less.

Mugamoodi’s previously released trailer, a new trailer cut, making of Mugamoodi and a song was screened for the audiences. G Dhananjayan welcomed the gathering with a speech.

Venkat Prabhu lauded Mugamoodi and said that he is raring to work with Jiiva. The discussions are on and deal will be clinched soon, he added.

Lingusamy: “Hollywood film The Dark Knight Rises released today and Mugamoodi’s audio has also been launched on the same day. Wish Mugamoodi also turns out to be huge success.”

Selvaah: “Narain and I found it very difficult to learn Kung Fu and wanted to disclose it to director Mysskin. We also planned to walk out of the film after one-month of gruelling training. But we decided against it because we were sure that Mysskin would say that he would complete the film with someone who doesn’t know Kung Fu. Instead of that happening we decided to do the role ourselves because even we did not master the art.” When he said that the entire set of audience burst out laughing.

Madan Karky: “One of the songs for this film was written on flight when I was on my way to India from New York. Tamil cinema songs are being written in greater heights… to go up even further we have to write in the moon.”

Mysskin: The director started off in his usual self. “I had written the lyrics of a particular song in this film because Madan Karky does not have the eligibility to pen it.” He added that one needed to be drunk to pen such a song and since he drinks he decided that the song should be written by him. When he said this, the entire set of audiences applauded loudly. Mysskin said that there is a huge hype surrounding this film but it is an ordinary film with a lovely story, which is very important.

Jiiva: “I just sent a SMS to Vijay anna and his immediate reply was that he would be there definitely. His presence here is the highlight … my thanks to him.”

When Vijay walked up the stage, the whistle sound and claps at the venue was deafening. But the moment he started his speech, there was pin-drop silence. He said: “For the popularity that Jiiva enjoys today, it is a great deal that he worked with me in Nanban. But that is not the only reason I am here today. I am here because my son Sanjay is a great fan of Jiiva’s. He requested that I should make it to this event by all means and that’s why I am here.

When he was about to leave the mike, the audience started shouting Thuppaki to which he replied five bullets have been loaded already and the one bullet that needs to be loaded which will be done soon. When that is done, the Thuppaki will be ready to shoot. With this punch line, the audiences went berserk.

Finally, Vijay released the audio CD of Mugamoodi which was received by Kannada Superstar Puneet Rajkumar.


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