Naan - Music Review

Naan - Music Review
Banner: Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Production: Fathima Vijay Antony
Direction: Jeeva Shankar
Star-casts: Vijay Antony, Siddharth Venugopal, Rupa Manjari, Anuya, Viba and others
Music: Vijay Antony

Verdict: Vijay Antony's Another Hit Album

Naan is a film that music director Vijay Antony has scored the music for a Vijay Antony starrer. The musician has managed to capture the attention of the fans by including both melodies and kuthu songs in the album.

1. Maccayala
Singers: Mark, Shakthi Sir, Krishnan, Magesan
Lyricist: Priyan

Maccayala was released as a single track some months ago and turned out to be a chartbuster. This same song was used as the BGM for Naan’s trailer as well. Vijay Antony’s music and the playback singing have captured the attention of the youngsters.

2. Ulaginil miga uyaram
Singers: Vijay Antony
Lyricist: Annamalai

The humming with which the song begins reminds us of the ‘Un thalaimudi Uthirvadhai’ song. But the tune then changes track with Vijay Anthony’s voice taking the centre-stage. The situation for the song seems to be that it is sung to cheer up the hero who has been side-lined following a huge problem. The lyrics in the song, ‘oosi thulaikkum thuni mattum thaan uduththum aadai endru uruvagum’ when heard in Vijay Antony’s voice turns out to be likeable.

3. Thappellam thappe illai
Singers: Aadhi, Santhosh, Hariharan
Lyricist: Asmin

Seems to be a song of vengeance by the hero. The singers have sung the song in Tamil and English in different voice modulations. This makes the song very likeable. Vijay Antony has worked hard for this song and this is sure to make it to the ‘hit’ list.

4. Thinam thinam naan saagiren
Singer: Deepak
Lyricist: Annamalai

Thinam thinam is a song full of feelings that brings out the other side of the hero. This melody is perhaps the misery of the hero who cannot bear the loneliness.

Apart from these songs, the theme music ‘No one is perfect’ and ‘Thapellam thappe illai’ remix have been included in the album.

Though Vijay Antony has turned a hero with this film, he never fails in his duty as a music director. On hearing the songs, we can come to the conclusion that they must have been included in the right places as demanded by the script. When heard along with the picturisation, the songs will certainly get a huge reception. To sum up, we can certainly include the album to Vijay Antony’s smash hit list.


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