Nandita Das stunned the film unit

The Neer Paravai crew has managed to get Nandita Das on board. Nandita is one tough nut to crack and her agreeing to do the film speaks volumes about the depth of its storyline.

Apparently, on the sets, she was very friendly with the film's crew and stunned the film unit with her stupendous acting skills.

Actor Vishnu, who plays the lead role, says, "Nandita proved the point that an actor can work wonders with his eyes. She acted only with her eyes and that was amazing."

The whole crew is sun burnt as most of the shoots took place on the seashores of Thiruchendur.
Vishnu adds, "This is a love story with a beach-and-fisherman backdrop. You can say that Nandita plays a vital role, rather than call it a cameo."

Is he comfortable with his wife Rajni being there on the sets as she is one of the assistant directors of the film? "It's a very important film in my career," Vishnu states, adding, "My wife is always there on the sets to support and encourage me."


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