Police saved the Heroine from mob attack!

Debuting heroine saved by Police from teasing mob
Trouble erupted during the shooting schedule of director Sanjayram’s upcoming film titled Kutralam.  An enthusiastic and excited mob of youngsters started creating hurdles during the shoot of the film as their teasing of heroine Sowgandhi reached unimaginable proportions.
Ultimately, the crew was forced to call the police for help.

Those who were taking part in the shoot included Vaali, Sowgandhi, Sanjayram and others.  The shoot was going in and around the scenic place of Kutralam when trouble erupted from totally unexpected quarters.  Sowgandhi came across a 75-year old mentally ill person who was sitting at a secluded spot with no clothes on him and wasn’t even aware that he had no clothes to wear.

Taking pity on him, Sowgandhi reportedly gave the man one of her sarees and draped him with it so as to enable him to move around without creating nuisance in public.  Some youths, who were watching the shooting in progress, came across Sowgandhi helping the old man and went to her and teasingly asked if she’d give each of them her sarees if they were also spotted in the ‘same condition’ as the old man.

The crew then intervened and asked the youths to vacate the place so that the shoot can continue unhindered.  When the youths didn’t relent and started harassing Sowgandhi and troubling the crew, the crew sought the help of the police who reached the spot in no time and saved Sowgandhi and the crew from the mad youths.


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