Shakeela becomes Saamiyar

After being seen as an oomph girl, and playing herself in several movies, Shakeela is back on screen with Aasami. Directed by Aandal Ramesh, the film is about ‘poli saamiyar’.

A source says, “There are several men who claim to have power bestowed upon them by God, and cheat the public. This film will deal with one such poli saamiyar. Shakeela plays a swamin who cheats the public by claiming to have the power to look into future and solve everyone’s troubles. How Goddess herself decides to teach Shakeela a lesson forms the rest of the story. The film also has Santhanabarathi and Pandu in the lead. There’s a young girl who plays an important role in the film – that of revealing to the world that Shakeela is a imposter.”

For a special song, a huge statue (101 ft) of ‘Amman’ was erected in Puducherry. “All the traditional instruments, including pampai and udukkai, were used by artists for this song, which will be one of the highlights of the film. Sivashankar master makes a guest appearance in this number, Ulagalum Omkari….,” the source adds.

The source continues, “The film will release on August 3 (in the month of Aadi, considered special by ‘Amman’ devotees), and will be a treat for all those spiritually and religiously oriented.”


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