Trisha denied 1 crore Shankar's offer!

An interesting bit of information is being circulated in tinsel town. A little birdie tells us that a few days back producer Shankar, who made a film with Monica, who rechristened him as Achudhan Shankar, had approached Trisha with a heroine-oriented script.

Apparently, Shankar wanted bulk dates from Trisha for the project titled Koperundevi and was willing to offer a whopping Rs 1 crore as her remuneration. Impressed with the high figure, Trisha's side wanted to know who was playing the male lead and that is where they hit a speed bump.

When Shankar said that he was the producer, director as well as the male lead, he was met with a long silence from Trisha's side. And then the answer, "Sorry, her date diary is full for the next year."

However, when Trisha's mother was contacted she claimed that she receives a minimum of three to four phone calls per day asking for Trisha's dates for women-oriented subjects.

"I don't know if the person you are talking about is one of them. But as of now, Trisha is not keen on accepting heroine-centric roles, leave alone other factors."


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