Actress Suji Bala's suicide attempt

Actress Suji Bala, who has acted in films like Goripalayam, Ethaneyo Naala Enge Irandhai, Thittakudi and Ilakiyam, attempted to commit suicide on August 25 by swallowing sleeping pills at her residence.
However, she was saved by her family members, who rushed her to a nearby hospital in Nagercoil.

Reports say that the exact reason for attempting suicide has not been revealed but there are speculations that she was depressed in life over her marriage issues. It made her to attempt for the same before her family rushed to save her. However, Suji Bala was supposed to tie the knot on August 27 at Tiruchendur temple with a director called Ravikumar, who is making his debut in Unmai. It is said that she was not happy with the alliance and that might have made her to attempt for the suicide. We hear that the marriage has been temporarily called off. Presently, the actress is being treated at a local hospital and she is out of danger.


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