Anirudh - Andrea caught kissing, 1.5 yrs old says Andrea

By now, pictures of actor Andreah Jeremiah and "Why This Kolaveri" composer Aniruddh kissing and embracing have made the rounds several times over on the Internet.
For voyeurs, celeb-seekers and others such around the globe who are fans of Tamil cinema and its celebrities, these leaked pictures (there's even a video we hear!) are the stuff of tabloid dreams but at Kollyinsider, it was mixed emotions: The thrill of an undeniable scoop vs. the queasy question of whether this is what entertainment news has become.

So, instead of blindly devouring and distributing these pictures, we decided to get the sentiments of Andreah and Aniruddh directly from them.

Ani was not available for comment, but for Andreah, she says it's a little saddening for her. The actor went on record to say that the pictures - which are over 1.5 yrs old,
she says - weren't something she's ashamed or embarrassed of because she and Aniruddh did indeed have a beautiful personal relationship that meant a lot to both of them.

What has saddened her is the voracious nature of those who are tabloid-hungry, and have derived something less than palatable from these pictures. She says that at the end of the day, even celebrities have human emotions and battle human issues like love, friendship, break-ups and such matters of the heart and beyond an understandable point of curiosity from the public and media, trivializing these issues hurts them and affects their personal and professional lives.
Still, Andreah says, she may not agree with this blitzkrieg of these very personal pictures going around the globe; but she accepts that it is something the people and media will do for as long as she is in the public eye. She says she's going to tide over this issue and keep her nose to the grind and work at her career and friendships that truly matter to her.

Now, if only we all would give them both a little space too...


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