Chakri Toleti apologies Ajith fans for Billa 2

Chakri Toleti has updated in his Twitter page about his Billa 2 experience. He has thanked all the people who liked his film but also apologized to all Ajith fans who expected a lot from this prequel to Billa.
Chakri Toleti apologies Ajith fans for Billa 2

Chakri Toleti, while thanking everyone who had liked his recent venture 'Billa 2', which has Ajith Kumar as the protagonist, has also apologized to the actor's fans.

Writing on his micro blogging page, the director stated, "To all those who liked the film thank you & to those who didn't... Sorry to disappoint you! Especially, Thala fans."

Produced by In Entertainment and Wide Angle Creations, 'Billa 2', distributed by V. Ravichandran of Aascar Films witnessed a grand opening, but evoked a mixed response from the audience.

While some Ajith fans enjoyed the film since it was made using state of the art technology, many thrashed it saying it was no treat to Ajith fans, as claimed by the makers.


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