Eemu Farms: Case filed against Sarath Kumar & Sathyaraj

Cases filed against Sarath, Satyaraj in Eemu Farms scandal
The police have filed cases against actors Sarath Kumar and Sathyaraj for starring in the commercial endorsing Eemu Farms.
The company had been floating advertisements on a large scale in the print and television media featuring leading actors. Complaints of ‘cheating’ the clients have now erupted against the Firm.

Susu Eemu Farms, which cast these actors in the advertisement, has come under the police following lodging of widespread complaints with them. The members of the public, who reportedly invested huge sums of money with the firm, are alleging that they did so only after watching the stars endorsing the company’s schemes.

Eamu neither paid the bonus sum nor the incentive for the investors who have been laying siege to the company’s headquarters for the past two days. Police have registered case of ‘money fraued’ agains the company under section 420 and are investigating further. The actors are also included in the case for endorsing the company’s schemes and plans.

Sarath Kumar, who is also the president of Nadigar Sangam, is also the MLA from Tenkasi who is in alliance with the ruling party.


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