Jeeva's Mugamoodi - 100th film of the year!

Jeeva's Mugamoodi - 100th film of the year! 
Mugamoodi is going to hit the screens by August 31st. Good news is added up Mugamoodi day by day. Mugamoodi is the 100th film to be released in Kollywood in 2012.

It is said by the producer Dhananjayn and he is very anxious that it adds one more good luck to his film. The film is directed by Mysskin. And with the positive sign, the makers are expecting the same positive response with the release of the film.

The song ‘Vayamoodi Summa Iruda’ is going wagga all time in Radio’s and FM’s. It is thriller film where Jeeva’s first super hero film will sure land a milestone in Kollywood.

The beauty lass Pooja Hedge is romancing the super hero while Narain is playing the role of antagonist. So best wishes for the 100th film to be released.


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